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  • Sunday School All Ages - 9:30AM
  • Sunday Worship Service - 11:00AM
  • Tuesday Night Teaching - 7:00PM

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  • Sunday Worship Service - 8:00AM

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  • We are growing at Faith Temple Ministries Church of God in Christ and it is a blessing to welcome new members to our family.  Every month we sponsor a New Members Class for those new members who wish to enroll.  It's an opportunity to meet our pastor and spiritual leader on a personal level while obtaining information about your church.


    For more information and to sign up for the next class, see the church secretary, Sister Sharon Jones.

  • Our youth department has plenty to offer to our young people.  From toddlers to teenagers, the youth leaders can get your youth involved in singing in the choir, community service projects, peer groups and rap sessions, Vacation Bible School, Sunday School, and many more activities that develop young minds and hearts.


    The Bible tells us to train up a child in the way they should go and we believe in teaching them the Word of God and showing them how to live in it.  For more information and to join the Youth Department, see Sister LaKeisha Hammett.

  • As society continues to exclude God, we keep including God.  It all starts in being in our "prayer closets" so why not join with others who also believe that prayer changes things.


    Join the Prayer Warriors every Tuesday and Friday afternoon from 12:00 pm until 1:00 pm. See Sister Tina Coleman for more information.

  • Just by talking to people we can win souls.  So we do what Jesus did...speak to the people in their communities.  Faith Temple Ministries' Evangelism Team visits various communities in Tangipahoa and surrounding parishes bringing the Word to those who would not seek it.


    Become a disciple today and help us win lost souls.  For more information in joining the Evangelism Team, please see Minister Toriano Sopsher.

  • Women coming together and growing in grace through the teachings of God's Word and applying it to everyday living is what Women's Fellowship is about.  Come join us today and get to know better your "Sister in Christ" in our monthly gatherings.


    Faith Temple Ministries' Women's Fellowship meets every third Saturday each month at 2:00pm (subject to change) and is open to all women ages 18 and older.  See Missionary Francine Brumfield for more information.

Sunday April 01, 2012

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Sunday February 28, 2010

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Affinity for the Word
Sunday February 28, 2010

Developing An Affinity for the Word

Habit (ha-bət) - an acquired mode of behavior that has become nearly or completely involuntary.

That's Enough for Me

A short sermonette/teaching from Pastor Timothy B. Richardson, Sr.  Scripture can be found in John 11: 1-6.

Affinity for the Word
Written by Andre Hammett   

Developing An Affinity for the Word

Habit (ha-bət) - an acquired mode of behavior that has become nearly or completely involuntary.